Sand & Fill Materials

Mason Sand
Washed & screened to 1.5 mm top size. Used for masonry work, stucco and also is popular for volleyball courts, etc.

Washed Course Sand

Washed Coarse Sand
Washed & screened to 1/4″ top size. Used for concrete mix, mound septic systems, ice control and is also popular for sandbox play sand.

Select Granular Sand

Screened sand that meets select granular sand specifications (<12% 200) for road building, etc.

Screened Fill Sand

Screened sand (<15% 200) used for general fill, backfill, pipe bedding, etc.

Sandy Clay Fill / Granular Borrow

Not processed. (<20% 200) Used for general fill applications such as backfilling, building pads, etc. Has enough clay to pack, but is sandy enough to make it relatively easy to work with. It is generally free of many large rocks.

Heavy Clay Fill

Not processed. Used for general fill applications. There are many different types and grades of this material. Can be hard to work with unless you have heavy equipment.

Rough Topsoil Fill

Lowest priced fill, used to fill areas outside of buildings, driveways, parking lots, etc. where compaction is not critical. Usually consists of a clay and topsoil mixture, may have sod, roots, etc. mixed in.

Please Note:
We also carry Granite Sand, Topdressing Sand, Bunker Sand, Polymeric Sand, Sand & Peat Mixes, Volleyball Sand, & Salt/Sand Mix. Please refer to the “Specialty Products” section for these & other products.