Pulverized & Screened Topsoil

Heavy topsoil blended with a small amount of sandy topsoil. Product is run through a pulverizing & screening process which removes most large chunks, rocks, etc. Ideal for planting, seeding lawns, etc.

Garden Mix Topsoil

Pulverized & screened topsoil mixed with wood & manure composts to make ideal growing medium for gardening.

Regular Heavy Topsoil

Heavy topsoil that is not processed. Can have large lumps, rocks or roots in it, although it can vary. Will grow grass, etc. well, but we recommend using dirt that has been pulverized & screened.

Sandy Loam Topsoil

Sand based topsoil, lighter than heavy topsoil, works well for growing grass, etc. especially on areas where there is heavy clay sub-soil. Not processed.

Please Note:
We also carry Compost (wood & manure), and Sand/Compost Mixes. Please refer to the “Specialty Products” section for these & other products.